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Passionate about swimming

I empower people who want to swim, to overcome their limiting beliefs enabling them to explore their full potential.

I have been a 'swimmer' since I was six years old. At 16 I wanted to give back to the sport that I love so I trained as a swim teacher. Since then I have taught or coached all ages of swimmers from 3 months to 75 years old.

My greatest passion now is helping adults find the love for swimming that I have been lucky enough to have for most of my life.

  As a lifelong learner over the last 2 years I have complimented my swim coaching further by gaining    Mind Valley certifications in:

                               Life Coaching, Holobody Coaching and Hypnotherapy

 The hypnotherapy certification has the most impact on broadening the services that I can offer to my swim clients. The use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy techniques allows me to help clients to:

    Overcome limiting beliefs.

    Be empowered to be more calm, confident and strong swimmers. 

    Set meaningful, achievable goals

    Use visualisation techniques to support reaching those goals.




Tracey Messinger, Swim Coach, Hypnotherapist, Marathon Swimmer


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